At Walthers we cut our teeth on group travel. Planning and escorting trips for clients traveling all over the world ensures that when it comes to groups visiting our own region we appreciate that each client is unique. Careful research is conducted on every programme and comprehensive due diligence ensures that the hotels, transport and activities we recommend comply with our stringent requirements. Every group is accompanied by an experienced registered guide and where necessary one of our own team. The obvious is boring so why not ask Walthers to create something unique for you?

Right from the crucial planning stages, through until the day of departure, every detail of every programme will be meticulously planned and flawlessly carried out to ensure clients are left with an impression of Africa that will live in their minds forever.

Part of Africa’s charm is its idiosyncrasies. So to deal with tiresome things such as bureaucracy, one needs a partner who knows Africa and is prepared for any surprise. From Dutch cattle farmers, UK school cricketers, German Rose Growers, US Methodists, and University Horticultural Students to the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta – you name it, we’ve arranged a tour!

We have literally hundreds of references from satisfied partners and clients and are happy to share these with you!